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Dear Breeder friends,
Meet 2 essential products to keep with you when you show:

 The dry shampoo;
Galaxie from AnimaSoin Bio, Christine Flamand.
Galaxy had pounded in the mud, the underside of the belly, the buttocks, the legs were disgusting ... hop we made a small foam wipe it with a damp cloth drying and it was perfect !!! no need to wash again, wonderful!
The powder
(The powder was mostly used in oily areas such as the neck and behind the ears.)
The powder
''Saved me from rewashing my girls (she had been last week) and we had no energy to do them and it made Karine Sim ( from Patte d'eau bio inc.)  so addicted! a big big plus, plus it gives the hair outfit .. a real jewelry!''
Thank you for your trust, together we will save the planet and the oceans grooming one at a time!  
Reduce your footprint; Post us your used animasoin bio clean and empty bottles!
Anima Care Bio Canada Promotes sustainable grooming, every order is handcraft on demand. In Fact, Anima Care Bio Canada required 7 to 10 open days for production.
From the garden to your site! 
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