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Hairless Care

With AnimaSoin Bio


Skin Care for pets!

Argan Oil Shampoo:

Bathe you're hairless regularly, using a shampoo with Argan oil inside for regulate the sebum and prevent blackhead and acne. 
  Active ingredients: 
Argan oil - Algae Collagen - Rice protein - Vegetable Silk protein

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Gentle Exfoliate:

If you notice little blackhead or dry flaky skin you can use our gentle exfoliate to help remove it. Our exfoliate are sugar base with soy scrub!
Active ingredient: 
Grape oil - Allantoin - Soy scrub

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Soothing Lotion:

After a good bath, to prevent dryness of the skin, let's lts use a no-comedogenic moisturizers that won't block his pores. Because we know hairless can have blackhead tendency.
For regular & sensitive skin:
The Soothing lotion
Active ingredients:
Lavender infusion - Camomille infusion - Calendula infusion - 
Avina Sativa - Shea butter

For acne tendency : 

The Regulating cream of sebum

Active ingredients:
Rosemary hydrosol - Camomille hydrosol - Bran oil
Sea Buckthorn oil - Argan oil - Aloe vera leaf  

Sun Block spray: 

Active ingredients:
Vegetable Silk protein - Zinc oxide - Sea Buckthorn oil 

First Aid Gel  Care and Blackhead issue!

for cat: 
Active ingredients: 
made with sulfur oligo element and complex of a medicinal plant with calendula, rosemary hydrosol, camomille hydrosol & aloe vera fresh leaf juice

For Dog:
Active ingredients:
A complex
of medicinal plants with calendula, aloe vera leaf, essential oils of Lavendula, Litsea oil, rosemary, eucalyptus & white willow extract! 

From the garden to your place! 

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