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AnimaSoin Bio Canada


Anti-Static Detangler

Raw & vegan protein de tangling treatment


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Contains broccoli oil which acts as a natural silicone by sheathing the fiber capillary for a gentle detangling, shine and maximum protection of the coat. Detangling aid before or after bathing on dry or damp hair, Provides volume and shine to the coat, it is also a finishing spray without rinsing.

Very versatile, this product can be mixed with shedding care and Tucuma_asa detangler, it can be applied to wet or dry coat.



Protects hairs from damage caused

by hot flat iron.

Active ingredients:

Broccoli oil - Jojoba protein - wheat protein -
soy protein - glycerin - provitamin B5

Surfactant and emulsifier:
Polysorbate 20 - Incroquat ™ Behenyl TMS-50

  • Made with only the highest quality Organic & vegan ingredients
  • Great for protect coat color and texture
  • Great for straight or curly coat
  • Works great for all breeds, safe on puppies and cats
  • Great shine for show
  • no rinse needed but can be mix with shampoo or conditioner
  • Boost Immunity and coat health
Available Size: 8 oz – 16 oz - 32 oz – 1 Gal. Pro: 2.5 Gal.

Shake well before use. Use on wet or dry coat


Organic Broccoli Oil

Perfect for dull, dry and brittle hair

A natural alternative to silicones!

Broccoli oil sheaths the coat immittance the effect of silicone; ideal for protecting the hair fiber against the heat of iron! it brings shine and softness to the hair without weighing down or suffocating the coat. Broccoli oil protects the hair fiber, facilitates the disentangling of dry, dull and brittle hairs, & restores shine !

Protein complex: Jojoba, wheat & soy

Always more volume and shine!

Jojoba forms a protective film on the hair that helps maintain moisture. It helps repair damaged coats and adds shine and shine. Hydrolyzed wheat proteins attach to the hair, "fill in" damaged areas and smooth the scales while providing shine and volume. Soy will help fragile and brittle hair to strengthen and stimulate them



Provitamin B5

Healing, soothing and repairing skin:

Provitamin B5 stimulates the proliferation of skin cells and calms irritations, burns and itching.


reduces water loss, maintains softness and elasticity of the skin.

Hair Fortifier:

repairs and strengthens the fur from tip to root.

Hair beautifying:

sheaths hairs, makes them stronger, shinier and easier to comb without greasing or weighing them down.

Stimulates hair regrowth:

Soothes irritation and minor itching due to dryness of the skin

Incroquat ™ Behenyl TMS-50

BTMS - 50 is a C22 quaternary conditioning agent 50% active and a cationic emulsifier. It is extremely effective as a detangler for hair and leaves hair silky, smooth and tangle-free. This product is safe and gentle enough to leave it in place without rinsing. Activated by the heat of the flat iron, it will smooth the hair but also protect it from the extreme heat of it.

Natural vegetable glycerin

Vegetable glycerin for hair: an ally for hair hydration!

Glycerin comes from the saponification of vegetable oils or other fats. Natural glycerin is obtained as same as soap during the saponification process. Its moisturizing and moisturizing properties help retain water at the heart of the hair, thus hydrating it deeply, while adding softness to the coat. Regular use will provide brighter, softer-touch hairs quickly after just a few uses. Glycerin treats split and brittle tips, but also frizz. It also makes it possible to restore shine to coats that have become too dull.

PH balanced

This formula has a balanced pH for dogs and cats.


Our responsibility to mother earth


Natural Light Perfume

Soft fragrance without phthalates, without musk:

from fruit, extract, resin, spices and flowers.



Certified Organic Ingredients

AnimaSoin Bio is an alternative to shampoo

chemical; sustainable, herbal and respectful

of the planet. All the ingredients

are certified with an organic label,

GMO-free, paraben-free,

sulfate-free, silicone-free.

Formulas certified by Christine Flamand

Clinical Herbalist and Naturopath

Ms. Christine Flamand has been an animal groomer and trainer for over 30 years. She has studied naturopathy in healthy living successfully understanding the basis of the skin and the problems that can be associated with it. Handmade soap for over 10 years now, it uses so-called traditional methods, handcrafted to keep all the essential and active nutrients inside the products. Her experience with the animal world of professional grooming and show, as well as her knowledge in clinical herbal medicine and naturopathic make the AnimaBio Care range unique and effective artisanal products made by hand and directly from nature not made from concentrates.

Ethically made:

Vegan and cruelty-free

We take our ethical and environmental responsibility

very seriously. We believed it was possible

create a better world, make an impact

positive, contribute to change and promote

a humane world. Our products are vegan,

create by hand, not tested on animals,

biodegradable and respectful of the planet.

Together, let's reduce our ecological footprint!

* Take note that we do not hold an inventory

for ecological reasons

and freshness so all orders are

created on request and requires 7 to 10 days

working for its manufacture before sending.

Zero Waste

recycle – reuse - reduce


It is possible to re-post empty and clean bottles to:

AnimaSoin Bio, 221 Principale E, Farnham, QC J2N 1L5.

Learn about our zero waste bulk shampoo program available to the public



Basic hygiene instructions

Wash and disinfect the pump when changing the gallon. Keep the product in a clean place; away from light, away from heat sources. Never put unused shampoo back into the bottle to avoid contamination.


Manufacturer's warranty


Nature has a life cycle, and it is completely normal and even reassuring to see one day our living shampoos also degraded. We guarantee our product up to 8 months after purchase, in the event of the premature death of the product, we will ask you for the lot number written behind the bottle for our records. The return of the bottle is done at the customer's expense and the return of the new product at our expense. Please note that only the same quantity received will be replaced.