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Enzymatic Sos Odor Remover

Stink Relief

 Stain, Urine &ODOR CONTROL

Shampoo & Lotion

Raw & Vegan

With Enzymatic action to eliminate odors at the source!


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Made from concentrated enzymes, Adieu Moufette / sos odor Remover shampoo is made up of billions of natural fast-acting bacteria that digest organic matter such as fats, carbohydrates, proteins, urea, etc. It acts to naturally eliminate odors and stains by breaking down protein bonds and digesting organic matter. The enzymes used are mild and completely biodegradable!

Effective on organic odors! Like urine smell or skunk and stinky odor

Skunk issue:

1- Apply on dry coat the sos odor remover spray to the affected area,

leave on for 10-20 minutes

2-Wash the dog with the Sos odor remover shampoo and let it sit for 10 to 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat as needed

3-Apply the sos odor remover lotion between grooming



Sos Odor Remover


*essential oil


Ingrédients actifs:

vegetable glycerin – vegetable silk protein -

enzymes – eucalyptus essential oil – peppermint essential oil – rosemary essential oil -

bicarbonate of sodium

Tensioactives & surfactants:

decyl glucoside – coco betaine – coco glucoside


potassium sorbate – sodium benzoate

Sos Odor Remover

Spray lotion

*No essential oil

Cat safe


Ingrédients actifs:

Enzymes – zinc ricinoleate – bicarbonate of sodium


Polysorbate 20


sodium benzoate


Where does skunk spray come from?

Skunks have a pair of specialized sacs located in their anus; each sac is connected to the outside by a small duct that opens just inside the anus. The sacs are merely pouches that store an extremely foul smelling secretion produced by glands that line the sacs.

What is in skunk spray?

Although the actual chemical composition of skunk spray is primarily of interest only to chemists and biologists, it is necessary for the average dog owner to understand a little about the nature of skunk spray in order to neutralize it effectively.

"Skunk odor becomes more pungent when the animal becomes wet."

The secretion itself is a yellow oil that will cling to most surfaces that contacts; like all oils, it does not mix with water. Chemically, skunk spray contains as many as seven different volatile compounds (compounds that readily become gas) that are responsible for its repulsive smell. These compounds are thiols or thioacetates. Most thiols bind strongly and rapidly to skin proteins. Although thioacetates are usually less smelly than thiols, they are readily converted into thiols when they are mixed with water. This is the reason why skunk odor becomes more pungent when the animal becomes wet.

Enzymes concentrate

What are enzymes and how do they help cleanse?

Enzymes are proteins made up of hundreds of amino acids produced by living organisms. They are responsible for a number of biological reactions and activities in plants, animals, humans and microorganisms. The enzymes catalyze the degradation of stains and stains and are very effective for working at low temperatures.

zinc ricinoleate

Zinc ricinoleate is the zinc salt of ricinoleic acid, a major fatty acid in castor oil. It is used in many air fresheners as an odor absorbing agent.

Sodium bicarbonate

sodium bicarbonate which has a lower pH level than either neutral or acidic substances. Since most odors are themselves of a higher pH level, meaning bad odors tend to be acidic, the baking soda lowers the pH neutralizing the substance that causes the odor, and causing the odor to vanish.

Essential oil of

eucalyptus, peppermint & rosemary

This essential oil synergy blend contains oils that together are uplifting and revitalizing that will soothe , apease and refresh the skin, eliminates harmful airborne bacteria, relieves scalp itchiness, controls sebum production and boosts skin circulation. This blend also help enhances feelings of relaxation, and soothes nervous tension.


Vegetable silk protein

Vegetable Silk proteins are peptides composed of several vegetable amino acids, they are an excellent hair active ingredient due to their sheathing and smoothing properties. They bring softness, volume and shine to coats and help maintain its natural hydration.


Natural vegetable glycerin

Vegetable glycerin for hair: an ally for hair hydration!

Glycerin comes from the saponification of vegetable oils or other fats. Natural glycerin is obtained as same as soap during the saponification process. Its moisturizing and moisturizing properties help retain water at the heart of the hair, thus hydrating it deeply, while adding softness to the coat. Regular use will provide brighter, softer-touch hairs quickly after just a few uses. Glycerin treats split and brittle tips, but also frizz. It also makes it possible to restore shine to coats that have become too dull.

PH balanced

This formula has a balanced pH for dogs and cats.


Our responsibility to mother earth


Natural Light Perfume

Soft fragrance without phthalates, without musk:

from fruit, extract, resin, spices and flowers.



Certified Organic Ingredients

AnimaSoin Bio is an alternative to shampoo

chemical; sustainable, herbal and respectful

of the planet. All the ingredients are certified with an organic

label, GMO-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, silicone-free.

Formulas certified by Christine Flamand

Clinical Herbalist and Naturopath

Ms. Christine Flamand has been an animal groomer and trainer for over 30 years. She has studied naturopathy in healthy living successfully understanding the basis of the skin and the problems that can be associated with it. Handmade soap for over 10 years now, it uses so-called traditional methods, handcrafted to keep all the essential and active nutrients inside the products. Her experience with the animal world of professional grooming and show, as well as her knowledge in clinical herbal medicine and naturopathic make the AnimaBio Care range unique and effective artisanal products made by hand and directly from nature not made from concentrates.

Ethically made:

Vegan and cruelty-free

We take our ethical and environmental responsibility

very seriously. We believed it was possible

create a better world, make an impact

positive, contribute to change and promote

a humane world. Our products are vegan,

create by hand, not tested on animals,

biodegradable and respectful of the planet.

Together, let's reduce our ecological footprint!

* Take note that we do not hold an inventory

for ecological reasons

and freshness so all orders are

created on request and requires 7 to 10 days

working for its manufacture before sending.

Zero Waste

recycle – reuse - reduce


It is possible to re-post empty and clean bottles to:

AnimaSoin Bio, 221 Principale E, Farnham, QC J2N 1L5.

Learn about our zero waste bulk shampoo program available to the public



Basic hygiene instructions

Wash and disinfect the pump when changing the gallon. Keep the product in a clean place; away from light, away from heat sources. Never put unused shampoo back into the bottle to avoid contamination.


Manufacturer's warranty


Nature has a life cycle, and it is completely normal and even reassuring to see one day our living shampoos also degraded. We guarantee our product up to 8 months after purchase, in the event of the premature death of the product, we will ask you for the lot number written behind the bottle for our records. The return of the bottle is done at the customer's expense and the return of the new product at our expense. Please note that only the same quantity received will be replaced.